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Kelley Johnson was Miss California USA 2018

​Hermosa Beach

Miss Colorado 2015 (2nd runner-up at Miss America 2016)

Top 10 at Miss USA 2018

A native of Colorado who was living in Hermosa Beach during her reign, Kelley Johnson was crowned Miss California USA on 3 December 2017 and represented California at the Miss USA 2018 pageant in Shreveport, Louisiana. She became well known as “Nurse Kelley” after her monologue at the Miss America pageant.

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20XX bio:

2018 bio:

Kelley is a registered nurse and a full-time doctoral student in the nurse practitioner program. At Miss America her monologue about nursing lead to the nickname “Nurse Kelley” and appearances on Ellen and other shows. She is a professional public speaker and have given more than 65 key note speeches