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Sydney Boehler was Miss Colorado Teen USA 2019

Fort Collins


A native of Fort Collins, Sydney Boehler was crowned Miss Colorado Teen USA on 28 October 2018 and represented Colorado at the Miss Teen USA 2019 pageant in Reno, Nevada. Sydney had the opportunity to study abroad in Belgium as a Rotary Youth Exchange student, where she lived with three French speaking families as well as attended a French speaking high school.

2019 bio:

From the beautiful City of Fort Collins, Colorado, Sydney Boehler is an active volunteer and people lover. Coming from a family of five, she is very family oriented and is thankful to have a supportive group of people standing beside her. Living just 20 minutes away from the Rocky Mountains, she participates in outdoor activities year round. Boating, hiking, and skiing are some of her favorites!

Sydney is an avid traveler, and has been to over 15 countries. This Rotary Youth Exchange Representative had the opportunity to study abroad in Belgium, where she lived with three French speaking families as well as attended a French speaking high school. “This experience has reminded me that cultural differences make us unique, and we can all work together towards something big. The Youth Exchange program has given me the chance to enrich myself both academically and culturally, and the chance to promote international good will, it was an experience of a lifetime.”

Sydney is also passionate about volunteering in her community. Since she was eight years old, she has volunteered at school, church, and community events. Her favorite charity is Realities for Children, a nonprofit organization that benefits abused, neglected, and at risk kids, which is a cause Sydney is very passionate about.

Miss Teen USA pageant photos

Competing in the Miss Teen USA pageant is once-in-a-lifetime event few get to experience. Here are Sydney’s official Miss Teen USA photos.

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