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Blair Griffith was Miss Colorado USA 2011


Semi-finalist Miss CO USA 2010, Semi-finalist Miss CO USA 2009, 3rd runner-up Miss CO USA 2008, Miss Colorado Teen USA 2006, 3rd runner-up Miss CO TUSA 2005, 2nd runner-up Miss CO TUSA 2004

A native of Lakewood, Blair Griffith was crowned Miss Colorado USA on 31 October 2010 and represented Colorado at the Miss USA 2011 pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada. Blair works as a professional model and is a survivor of and advocate for homelessness.

2011 bio:

Blair is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from The Art Institute of Colorado where she received her Bachelors Degree in Fashion Retail Management. Her focus allowed Blair to excel scholastically as she maintained a 3.8 GPA and was accepted into the Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society.

Blair’s goal is to become a fashion consultant, focusing on sales, public relations and developing brand strategies for local fashion designers. Blair’s love for the fashion industry started off when she was a young child, playing dress up for hours in her mom’s clothing and has continued as she has worked as a sales consultant for the Women’s Contemporary Department as Saks Fifth Avenue in Denver for the past months.

When she is not doing something fashion related. Blair is dedicated to promoting women to live a healthy and positive lifestyle. She hopes to bring attention to problems with heart disease, as her mother, Bonita, is a heart attack survivor, and she wants to express the importance of eating healthy and exercise.

Along with a healthy lifestyle, Blair believes you must incorporate a positive attitude. Blair’s life experiences have taught her to enjoy each and every moment and to share the joy of life with others. She hopes to inspire others to focus on the good in everyday life and to stay focused on their dreams and goals. Blair knows that despite all of the bad things that can happen, having an optimistic attitude can truly motivate you to continue

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