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Sydney Russell was Miss Mississippi USA 2023


3rd runner-up 2022

A native of Collinsville, Sydney Russell was crowned Miss Mississippi USA on 1 April 2023 and represented Mississippi at Miss USA 2023 in Reno, Nevada.  Sydney is pursuing her Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and is proud to have won the University of Mississippi’s Most Beautiful pageant in 2021.

Rebecca Mathis
Rebecca Mathis

2023 bio:

Miss Mississippi USA 2023 Sydney Russell is a graduate student currently pursuing her Doctorate of Pharmacy degree from the University Of Mississippi Medical Center, projected to graduate in the Spring of 2024.  She credits her competitive spirit to growing up as the only girl in a house of three brothers. In addition to being crowned as Miss Mississippi USA 2023, Sydney was profoundly humbled to be crowned Most Beautiful at Ole Miss in 2021.   Sydney also has two high school state soccer championships under her belt.

As a pharmacy student, Sydney firmly believes that health is wealth. She has gained extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the field of healthcare and is committed to applying this knowledge to help others lead healthier lives. Through her volunteer efforts at the Jackson Free Clinic, she has been truly inspired to continue giving back to her community by providing healthcare services to the underserved.

Outside of Sydney’s academic pursuits, she launched a health literacy platform that aims to bridge the gap between medical jargon and everyday language. Sydney plans to use her voice as Miss Mississippi USA to provide easily accessible and digestible information on a variety of health topics to help individuals navigate the complex world of healthcare.

In Sydney’s free time, she enjoys reading research and watching Netflix shows on health and wellness. She also loves exploring the latest findings and insights on topics such as nutrition, exercise, and mental health. Sydney enjoys modeling and it is her goal to one day model professionally. She takes pride in showcasing different styles and fashion and had the honor of modeling during fashion week this past year in New York.

Sydney stays very active by going to the gym, hiking, and taking yoga class with her mom. She loves exploring the outdoors through hiking the local trails in her hometown or spending the day on the lake fishing with her dad. Sydney’s time spent outdoors allows her to unplug from technology and connect with the natural world around her while also challenging herself physically.

Overall, Sydney is a driven and passionate individual who strives to make a positive impact in the world. Her faith and interests are important parts of who she is, and she always wants to live her life to the fullest while staying true to herself. She believes in the power of hard work and perseverance and is committed to making the most of every opportunity that comes her way. She is a compassionate and caring person who values her relationships with family and friends, and never fails to be there for those who need her.

Miss USA pageant photos

Competing in the Miss USA pageant is once-in-a-lifetime event few get to experience. Here are Sydney’s official Miss USA photos.

State pageant photos

The on-stage moments, the tension of the final two and the glory of the crowning, here are Sydney’s state pageant photos.

Professional photos

Lights, camera, action!  Professional photoshoots are one of the perks that comes from winning a title.

Candid & Appearance photos

From events straight after her crowning to her final appearances before she passes on her crown, here’s a look at all the appearances Sydney has made during her reign, as well as other candid photos during her year.

Previous pageant photos

Sydney finished third runner-up to Hailey White at Miss Mississippi USA 2022.

Farewell photos

All beautiful things must come to an end, no matter how bittersweet. See Sydney’s farewell walk and other candids from the weekend she crowned her successor Kaylee Brooke McCollum as Miss Mississippi USA 2024.

After the crown

Winning a state title is a sisterhood for life. Here are Sydney’s “after the crown” photos.

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