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Miss New Jersey USA and Miss New Jersey Teen USA results

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Did you know that the Miss USA state pageants used to be styled “Miss State Universe” until the end of the 1970s? And that the sashes didn’t add “Miss” until the mid 1980s? The state results pages have been an integral part of Pageant Update right from the beginning. I’ve now extended it, to bring you results back as far as the 1970s where available! This section includes lists of winners, runners-up, semi-finalists and award winners and a cache of historical pageant photos.

Vanessa Oriolo reacts to winning Miss NJ USA 2015
Vanessa Oriolo reacts to winning Miss NJ USA 2015

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Miss New Jersey USA and Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2023

MISS NJ USA ’23: Derby Chukwudi (NF 21)
1RU: Katarina Lengyel
2RU: Christine Pierre (1RU 22)
3RU: Rashmi Naik (SF 21, NF 20, NF 19)
4RU: Vritti Patel (SF 21)

Teni Bello (SF 21)
Alexandra Betancourt
Lucy Brice (NF 21, NF 20)
Christina Conti (SF 22, NF 21)
Michela DiGesu (SF 22)
Tessa Dolce (SF 22)
Emily Florian
Jade Glab (SF 22, SF DC USA 21, Miss NJ 19)
Savonna Hill
Nyoki Jones
Jabili Kandula (NF 22, NF 21, NF 20, SF NJ TUSA 18)
Kristen Kowalski (3RU 22, NF 21, SF 20, SF 17, SF NJ TUSA 14, NF 12)
Alyssa Miles (NF NJ TUSA 21)
Nikki Varalli
Tashana Williams
Phoebe Yankowski (SF 22, NF 21, SF 20, SF NJ TUSA 14, NF 13)

MISS NJ TEEN USA ’23: UmaSofia Srivastava (1RU 22)
1RU: Julia Carrano (SF 22, SF 20, SF 19)
2RU: Tavi Gandhi (NF 22,SF 21)
3RU: Soleil Thomas (SF 22)
4RU: Jenesy Sepulveda (NF 22)

Haasini Alumalla
Ava Balian
Isabella Betancourth (3RU 22)
Jayla Colon
Anyah Griffin
Julia Livolsi (SF 22)
Ta’Mia Mackins
Alexis Ogalo
Ryleigh Pollock
Valentina Roselle
Madison Thomas
Erika Tulfo

Miss New Jersey USA and Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2022

MISS NJ USA ’22: Alexandra Lakhman (1RU 21, 3RU 18, 1RU 17, SF 16, 4RU 15, 1RU NJ TUSA 14)
1RU: Christine Pierre
2RU: Jenna Abdelqader (SF 21, SF 20, SF 19)
3RU: Kristen Kowalski (NF 21, SF 20, SF 17, SF NJ TUSA 14, NF 12)
4RU: Ivy Harrington (SF 20)

Katherine Abreu
Danielle Bjorlo (SF 21, 4RU 20, SF 19, NF AL USA 18, SF NJ USA 17, NF AL USA 16)
Christina Conti (NF 21)
Alyssa Costner (SF 19, SF NJ TUSA 18)
Michela DiGesu
Jaime Diogo
Tessa Dolce
Jade Glab (SF DC USA 21, Miss NJ 19)
Shege Hoti (SF 21, SF 20)
Kristen Hunt (NF 21)
Jabila Kandula
Sabrina Marceca
Kailyn McBride (4RU 21)
Denay Richards (NF 19, NF PA USA 17)
Erica Sunstein (SF 21, NF 20)
Phoebe Yankowski (NF 21, SF 20, SF NJ TUSA 14, NF 13)

Congeniality: Victoria den Bleyker
Photogenic: Alyssa Costner

MISS NJ TEEN USA ’22: Isabella Galan (4RU 21, 4RU 20)
1RU: UmaSofia Srivastava [later Miss NJ Teen USA 2023]
2RU: Christina Jackson (NF 21)
3RU: Isabella Betancourth
4RU: Ya’Nisse Lynch

Cala Barreiros
Darianny Bautista (3RU 21)
Julia Carrano (SF 20, SF 19)
Jenna DeRoss (NF 21)
Grace Germinder (SF 21)
Jaime Hicks
Julianna Howell (2RU 21)
Lauren Kim (SF 21)
Julia Livolsi
Alexandria Loughlin
Sydney Racine
Valentina Ronchi
Soleil Thomas

Congeniality: Grace Lopez
Victoria Santos

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