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Miss Florida USA and Miss Florida Teen USA results

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Miss Florida USA and Teen USA were directed by Tel-Air and the Gravitts for decades, broadcast throughout Florida.  The Parker Playhouse in Fort Lauderdale and Bailey Concert Hall in Davey were long-time hosts of both pageants, while the Teen pageant also had long runs in Lakeland & Punta Gorda.  Until the directorship changed hands after the 2017 crowning the pageants were traditionally held separately, with the Miss pageant aired in the summer and Teen in October.  From 2018 the Chrisley family directed the pageant briefly and it is now run by Robin Fleming as “Girlbossing Inc”.  Florida has a long history of Teen and Miss finalists going on to win other states, including Vermont, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Alabama and New Hampshire.

Miss FL USA 1988 delegates
Miss FL USA 1988 delegates

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Miss Florida USA and Miss Florida Teen USA 2023

MISS FL USA ’23: Caroline Dixon (4RU 22, SF 21, SF FL TUSA 17)
1RU: Victoria DiSorbo (1RU 22, SF 21, FL TUSA 17, SF 16)
2RU: Narissa Adside (SF 22, SF 21, SF 20, SF 19, NF 17)
3RU: Samantha Washington (2RU NE USA 20, 2RU 19, NE TUSA 17, SF 16, NE’s OT 13)
4RU: Christiana DiNardo (T10 NY USA 22, 3RU MD USA 21, 4RU 19, SF NY TUSA 16, 3RU 15, 4RU 14)
5RU: Aileen Cerchiara

Alayzia Christopher
Juliandra DeJesus (NF 21)
Kelsey Fagan (NF 22, T16 NC USA 21)
Erika Feazell
Katia Gerry (SF CA USA 22, FL TUSA 19, 3RU 18)
Briona Jones (NF 22, SF 21, SF 20)
Breauna Washington (NF 21, NF 20, SF FL TUSA 15)

MISS FL TEEN USA ’23: Sharlysse Nelson (SF 22)
1RU: Loni Barnes
2RU: Savannah Young (NF 22)
3RU: Kadance Fredrickson
4RU: Natasha Conti (NF 22)
5RU: Alessandra Shires

Elyse Braddock
Mariah Derby-Wine
McKenzie Graham (2RU 22, 4RU 21, NF 20)
Taylor Leidel
Lola Manley
Aracelis Rodriguez

Miss Florida USA and Miss Florida Teen USA 2022

MISS FL USA ’22: Taylor Fulford (3RU 21, 3RU 20, SF 19, SF 18, 4RU 17, NF 16, SF 14, SF FL TUSA 13)
1RU: Sara Zeng (Miss FL 17)
2RU: Shakera Quince (1RU 21, SF 20)
3RU: Victoria DiSorbo (SF 21, FL TUSA 17, SF 16)
4RU: Caroline Dixon (SF 21, SF FL TUSA 17) [later Miss FL USA 2023]
5RU: Amy Rosado

Narissa Adside (SF 21, SF 20, SF 19, NF 17)
Tatyana Brown (NF 19)
Brianna Creswell (2RU FL TUSA 19, SF 18, NF FL TUSA 17)
Caroline Cutillo (NF 21, NF FL TUSA 20)
Francesca Gabriel
Alyssa Hill (4RU 21)
Megan Hollingsworth (2RU TN USA 19, TN TUSA 17)
Catherine Kirkland (T10 SC USA 20, 2RU 19, NF SC TUSA 16)
Kendal Owen
Elizabeth Tran (SF 21, SF 20)
Maya Underwood (SF 21)

Photogenic: Sara Zeng

MISS FL TEEN USA ’22: Alyssa Khan
1RU: Taylor Morland (2RU 21, SF 18)
2RU: McKenzie Graham  (4RU 21, NF 20)
3RU: Alexandra Perez
4RU: Gracyn East (3RU 21)
5RU: Avery Joy Zeitlin​ (5RU 21)

Lauren Abbey
Brianna Avelar
Kennedie Clinton (SF 21)
Natasha Conti
Fallon Farr
Natasha Gouveia
Isabella Iannuzzi
Sharlysse Nelson [later Miss FL Teen USA 2023]
Emma Raulerson (NF 21)
Paola Torres
Savanna Young

Photogenic: Alyssa Khan

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