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Miss Hawaii USA and Miss Hawaii Teen USA results

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Early Miss Hawaii USA results are listed here from the 1970s and Miss Hawaii Teen USA from the early years of the 1980s – including the state pageant won by Kelly Hu in 1985 – and all results are available from 2000 to now. In the 2000s to the early 2010s many Miss Hawaii USA winners had previously placed as a runner-up at least once previously. In contrast, four of the last five winners were competing in the USA system for the first time, and five of the last eight winners had no prior pageant experience at all.  Other than former Teens who “crossed over” to win the Miss title, few Hawaii winners have previously competed in the Teen system, exceptions being Nadine Tanega (1994,  Justine Michioka (2014) and Brianna Acosta (2013).

Most Miss Hawaii Teen USA titleholders have not placed in the state Teen pageant prior to winning (although 2020 Miss Teen USA Ki’ilani Arruda was second runner-up in 2019), but in recent years they have increasingly been holders of local pageant titles.

The opening number at Miss Hawaii USA 2013
The opening number at Miss Hawaii USA 2013

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Miss Hawaii USA and Miss Hawaii Teen USA 2023

MISS HI USA ’23: Savannah Gankiewicz
1RU: Kawena Kan-Hai (4RU 22, 4RU HI TUSA 18, 3RU 17)
2RU: Breea Yamat (4RU 21, 2RU 20, SF 19)
3RU: Mikayla Baptista
4RU: Ronelle Valera (SF 22)

Callista Hansen
Alexandria Livermore
Ashlyn Pierceall (1RU 22, 1RU HI TUSA 12)
Flora Rodas
Ryllah-Rae Rodrigues
Kristi Van Diver (SF 22, NF CA TUSA 13, NF 12)

Congeniality: Alexandria Livermore
Photogenic: Savannah Gankiewicz

MISS HI TEEN USA ’23: Noelani DeNisi
1RU: Elaina Kristine Head
2RU: Kyani Bateman (1RU 22)
3RU: Lehani Coloma
4RU: Isabella Emma Alohalani

Congeniality: Tyra Canto-Masoe
Photogenic: Elaina Kristine Head

Miss Hawaii USA and Miss Hawaii Teen USA 2022

Miss HI USA ’22: Kiana Yamat
1RU: Ashlyn Pierceall (1RU HI TUSA 12)
2RU: Kayli Obrero (4RU 19)
3RU: Cayla Kaimana Forever Moore
4RU: Kawena Kan-Hai (4RU HI TUSA 18, 3RU 17)

Guinevere Davenport (SF 21, SF 15)
Vanessa Secoski
Ronelle Valera
Kristi Van Diver (NF CA TUSA 13, NF 12)
Priscilla Wang

Congeniality: Priscilla Wang
Photogenic: Kiana Yamat

MISS HI TEEN USA ’22: Malulani Paiste
1RU: Kyani Bateman
2RU: Tehani Kekuawela
3RU: Haley Blount (SF 21, 1RU 20)
4RU: Tatia Denis-McRight

Madison Hughes
Kaliah Ann Kaneakua
Gabrielle Lantzer
Noelle Lo
Anela Stone

Congeniality: Malulani Paiste & Anela Stone
Photogenic: Kyani Bateman

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