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Miss Massachusetts USA and Miss Massachusetts Teen USA results

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Miss Massachusetts USA results are available from the 1990s to the 2023 crownings of Annika Sharma – the first Miss Teen USA 2020 contestant to win a Miss title – and Yanelyn Quintana.  In recent years the Miss Massachusetts crown has been won by a succession of past runners-up and former Teen titleholders.  There are only two titleholders in the last two decades who were  compting int he USA system for the first time, Despina Delios in 2007 and  Natalie Pietrzak (sister of Miss CT USA 2009) in 2012. But for all the runners-up who have won, there are many more who came agonisingly close but never won. You might recognise the names Amanda Soucy, Ashley Baptista, Alison DeJesus and Cara Lemire just to name a few.  The 2023 top sixteen had a record ten contestants who had previously made the top five in a Miss or Teen USA state pageant!

Some of the 2022 contestants on stage • Creative Sparks Imagery
Some of the 2022 contestants on stage • Creative Sparks Imagery

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Miss Massachusetts USA and Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2023

MISS MA USA ’23: Annika Sharma (MA TUSA 20, SF NJ TUSA 19, NF 18, SF 17)
1RU: Tatyana Brown (SF FL USA 22, NF 19)
2RU: Britt High
3RU: Luara Dos Santos (SF 22, 1RU 21)
4RU: Melissa Sapini (1RU MA TUSA 22, SF 20)

Judy Lin (2RU 22, SF 21)
Meera Gupta (3RU 22, SF IN USA 19, 1RU IN TUSA 17, 2RU CT TUSA 16)
Ashley Cunningham (SF 22, 4RU 21, SF 20, SF NH USA 19)Nina Murray (SF 19, SF NH USA 18, 2RU 17, NF MA TUSA 14, NF 13)
Hannah Kelsey (NF FL USA 20, NF FL TUSA 15)
Marisa Lockhart
Sectra Okundaye (SF 22, SF MA TUSA 16)
Aracely Rodriguez
Gabriela Taveras (SF 22, Miss MA 18, 2RU 17)
Kaymesha Vital (2RU MA TUSA 19, 2RU 18, SF 17)
Samantha Vocatura (4RU 22, 3RU 21)

Congeniality: Tatyana Brown
Photogenic: Nina Murray

MISS MA TEEN USA 2023: Yanelyn Quintana
1RU: Brooke Goodrich (SF 22)
2RU: Mia Mitchell
3RU: Isabelle Richards
4RU: Margaret Leighton

Jillian Casey
Karollyne Dutra
Sophia Encarnacion
Annalisa Hair (SF 22, 2RU 21, SF 20)
Isa Long
Katherine Malloy
Makayla Peck
Kelly Pimentel (SF 22)
Luiza Pinto
Lauren Plank (3RU 22, SF 21)
Genevieve Tatulli

Congeniality: Annalisa Hair
Photogenic: Isabelle Richards

Miss Massachusetts USA and Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2022

Miss MA USA 2022: Skarlet Ramirez (2RU 21, SF 20)
1RU: Bailey Medeiros (MA TUSA 14)
2RU: Judy Lin (SF 21)
3RU: Meera Gupta (SF IN USA 19, 1RU IN TUSA 17, 2RU CT TUSA 16)
4RU: Samantha Vocatura (3RU 21)

Alexandra Maloney (SF 19)
Olivia Alexandra Bulgin (5RU 21, SF 20)
Katie Carlson (2RU NH USA 21, 2RU 20)
Ashley Cunningham (4RU 21, SF 20, SF NH USA 19)
Luara Dos Santos (1RU 21)
Gabrielle Griffiths
Jordyn Murphy
Sectra Okundaye (SF MA TUSA 16)
Callie Shepherd
Celia Stafford (NF NC USA 21, NF 20)
Gabriela Taveras (Miss MA 18, 2RU 17)

Congeniality: Taylor Ward
Photogenic: Callie Shepherd

MISS MA TEEN USA 2022: Jillian Driscoll
1RU: Melissa Sapini (SF 20)
2RU: Avery Turner (4RU 21)
3RU: Lauren Plank (SF 21)
4RU: Giovanna Ward (SF MD TUSA 21)

Shefali Bakre
Grace Blake (NF 20)
Grace Connelly
Rafaela DeOliveira (1RU 21)
Brooke Goodrich
Annalisa Hair (2RU 21, SF 20)
Judy Li (1RU 20)
Sarah Ligie Melendez
Kelly Pimentel
Ella Thomas-Montgomery (2RU NY USA 21, 2RU 20)
Elena Tsitsas

Congeniality: Rafaela DeOliveira
Photogenic: Giovanna Ward

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