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Miss Texas USA and Miss Texas Teen USA results

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Texas has always been one of the premiere state pageants, televised for many years and with a big production budget and hundreds of contestants – this experience at the state level was part of the formula that fuelled their success at Miss USA for many years. Winning Texas is no easy feat, with many competing multiple times before capturing the crown (even Chelsi Smith, Kandace Krueger and Crystle Stewart didn’t win on their first try). Perhaps in part due to this, Texas is renown for its contestants going on to win in other states, including Miss America 1982 Debbie Maffett and Miss USA 2019 first runner-up Alejandra Gonzalez. A unique bit of history was made in 2001, when six former Texas Teen USA titleholders competed for the Miss Texas USA 2002 title. If you’re a Texas pageant fan, I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Miss TX USA 2006 semi-finalists • Credit: The Crystal Group
Miss TX USA 2006 semi-finalists • Credit: The Crystal Group

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Miss Texas USA and Miss Texas Teen USA 2023

MISS TX USA ’23: Lluvia Alzate (3RU 22)
1RU: Mary Sickler (SF NE USA 22, 2RU NE TUSA 19, 3RU TX TUSA 19, SF 18)
2RU: Lillian Perez (SF TX TUSA 19)
3RU: Taylor Davis (2RU MD USA 21)
4RU: Samantha Havenstrite (SF 22, SF 21, SF TN TUSA 18, 2RU 17, 2RU 16)

Katharine Alexander
Destiny Anbar
Paris Sierra Beal (NF TX TUSA 20-22)
Gisela Contreras (4RU 22, NF TX TUSA 19)
Delaney Davis (SF TX TUSA 17)
Taj Dright (NF MD USA 20, NF LA USA 19)
Catherine Ivey (SF 22, T10 SC USA 17)
Bryceidee Leos (SF 22, NF 20)
Preslie Watson (NF 21, SF TX TUSA 20, SF 19)
Valerie Whiddon
Sydney Ying
Eilish Young

Swimsuit: Lluvia Alzate

MISS TX TEEN USA ’23: Haylee Puckett
1RU: Amaris Leon (4RU 22, NF 21)
2RU: Dylana Estrella (2RU 22, SF 21, 2RU 20, NF 19)
3RU: Fernanda Gonzalez (1RU 22, 4RU 21)
4RU: Rebecca Camposano (SF 22, SF 21)

Alison Appleby
Jaelynd Edwards (NF 22)
Elaina Forester
Cheyanna Frazier (SF 22)
Priscilla Nichole Gonzalez
Milano Gutierrez
Alexis Linville
Abigail Margo
Ashtyn Merrill (SF 22)
Stephanie Meza
Sienna Nuno (NF 22)
Victoria Rendon

Miss Texas USA and Miss Texas Teen USA 2022

W/Miss Universe: R’Bonney Gabriel (1RU 21)
1RU: Sydni Leonard (SF 21, SF 20)
2RU/Miss TX USA ’22: Allie Drake (4RU 21, 1RU OK USA 20, 2RU 19, SF TX USA 18, NF 17, 1RU TX TUSA 15, SF 14, SF 13) (succeeded R’Bonney)
3RU: Lluvia Alzate [later Miss TX USA 2023]
4RU: Gisela Contreras (NF TX TUSA 19)

Lydia Brooks (NF 21)
Sirena Cantu
Destiny Fernandisse (NF 21)
Samantha Havenstrite (SF 21, SF TN TUSA 18, 2RU 17, 2RU 16)
Andrea Hightower (MS TUSA 15, SF 14)
Catherine Ivey (T10 SC USA 17)
Elba Mendoza (NF 21, NF TX TUSA 17, SF 16)
Chelsea Morgensen (SF 21, 4RU 20, TX TUSA 10)
Teresa Ramirez (NF 18, NF 17, SF TX TUSA 14, NF 13)
Bryceidee Leos (NF 20)
Caitlen Monnone (NF 21, 3RU OR USA 20, 1RU 19, 4RU 18, 1RU 17, SF 16)
Bridget Robinson (SF GA USA 21)
Abigail Velez (1RU NM TUSA 19, NF TX TUSA 18, NF 17)
Aspen Wash

Congeniality: Chelsea Morgensen
Photogenic: Samantha Havenstrite

Swimsuit: Bridget Robinson

MISS TX TEEN USA ’22: Chanel Williams
1RU: Fernanda Gonzalez (4RU 21)
2RU: Dylana Estrella (SF 21, 2RU 20, NF 19)
3RU: Maddie Eddington
4RU: Amaris Leon (NF TX TUSA 21)

Rebeca Camposano (SF 21)
Idani Cantu (1RU 21)
Sara Cantu (SF 21)
Delanie Flynn (2RU 21, SF 20)
Cheyanna Frazier
Makayla Lofgren
Mallory Lorant
Ashtyn Merrill
Megan Ochoa (SF 21)
Katherine Omo-Osagie (TX’s OT 21)
Sophia Ramos (NF 21)
Isabella Rodriguez (NF 21)
Ava Twitero (NF 21)

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