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Alyssa Klinzing was Miss Kansas USA 2019


3rd runner-up Miss California USA 2018, 3rd runner-up Miss Kansas USA 2017, Miss Kansas Teen USA 2013 (Semi-finalist at Miss Teen USA), Semi-finalist Miss Kansas Teen USA 2012)

Top 10 at Miss USA 2019

A native of Olathe, Alyssa Kilnzing was crowned Miss Kansas USA 2019 on 25 November 2018 and represented Kansas at the Miss USA 2019 pageant in Reno, Nevada. A former Disneyland cast member, and a semi-finalist at Miss Teen USA 2013, Aly went on to make the top 10 at Miss USA 2019. She later came out as lesbian and appeared in a pride week photoshoot with other LGBTQ Miss USA state titleholders in 2023.  Alyssa will appear on Deal or No Deal Island in 2024.

2019 bio:

After three years, Miss Kansas USA 2019 Alyssa Klinzing will graduate this May with a degree in political science, and her eyes are focused on the White House. As a lifetime member of Girl Scouts, this 21-year-old knows the importance of having women represented in politics and leadership roles across the nation. Alyssa wishes to educate citizens across the country on the voting process so that the 2020 presidential election can see record-breaking participation. Alyssa enjoys being a part-time resident of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland, as it gives her a chance to get lost in the land of imagination with children who experience their first “magic moment.” As a domestic abuse survivor, Alyssa also hopes to reach young children across the United States to share her story and encourage kids to never let go of their dreams.

Miss USA pageant photos

Competing in the Miss USA pageant is once-in-a-lifetime event few get to experience. Here are Alyssa’s official Miss USA photos.

State pageant photos

The on-stage moments, the tension of the final two and the glory of the crowning, here are Alyssa’s state pageant photos.

Professional photos

Lights, camera, action!  Professional photoshoots are one of the perks that comes from winning a title.

Candid & Appearance photos

From events straight after her crowning to her final appearances before she passed on her crown, here’s a look at all the appearances Alyssa made during her reign, as well as other candid photos during her year.

Previous pageant photos

There’s nothing better than watching a contestant progress from year to year! Alyssa won the Miss Kansas Teen USA title two days before her 15th birthday – she first competed at 13 – and was the youngest semi-finalist at Miss Teen USA 2013.  She was a runner-up twice – in Kansas and California – before winning Miss Kansas USA 2019. Here’s a look back at Alyssa’s previous pageant photos.

Farewell photos

All beautiful things must come to an end, no matter how bittersweet. See Alyssa’s farewell walk and other candids from the weekend she crowned her successor Hayden Brax as Miss Kansas USA 2020.

After the crown

Winning a state title is a sisterhood for life. Here are Alyssa’s “after the crown” photos.

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