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Miss Oklahoma USA 2024 results

Congratulations to Miss Oklahoma USA 2024 Danika Christopherson and Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2024 Megan Lamza

The Miss Oklahoma USA and Teen USA 2024 pageants were held together in Oklahoma City from 13-14 April. The new Miss Oklahoma USA is Danika Christopherson, a 22-year-old from Lawton who was previously Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2020 and a semi-finalist at Miss Teen USA 2020. She is the second 2020 Teen to win a state title this year.

Miss Mississippi Teen USA 2024 is Megan Lamza from Wright City, a small town in south-eastern Oklahoma, who was a semi-finalist last year.

Full results

MISS OK USA ’24: Danika Christopherson (1RU 23, OK TUSA 20, 1RU 19, SF 18, NF 17)
1RU: Brooklynn Douglas
2RU: Audrey Katigan
3RU: Kaitlyn Crain (SF OK TUSA 23)
4RU: Blair Noblin (SF OK TUSA 20)

Tyler Ferland
Hunter Fraley (4RU 23, NF 22, 1RU/KS TUSA 18 (succeeded Haley), NF OK TUSA 17, SF 16)
Macy Hamilton
Leah Parker (SF 18)
Ashley Stuart
Yeliz Turkdill
Raven Vinson

MISS OK TEEN USA ’24: Megan Lamza (SF 23)
1RU: Emma Youngblood
2RU: Kristen Range (4RU 23)
3RU: Reese Hollingsworth
4RU: Georgia Matlack (SF 21)

Rebecca Fisher (NF 23, NF 21)
Ava Jackson
Bayleigh McCoy
Addie Thompson
Myah Wilke

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