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Josslyn McKenna is Miss Vermont Teen USA 2024



Josslyn McKenna was crowned Miss Vermont Teen USA on 9 June 2024 and will represent Vermont at Miss Teen USA 2024 in Hollywood, California. Josslyn lives in Colchester and is a sophomore at Essex High School where she is part of the Academy for Visual and Performing Arts on the Visual Arts Strand with a focus on Pottery & Fine Arts

2024 bio:

I was born in Naples, Florida but have resided in Chittenden County since I was 18 months old. Growing up in Vermont has afforded me many opportunities for personal growth and development. Currently, I am a Sophomore at Essex High School where I am not only a student with a specific learing disability ADHD-combined type) but I am also an Honors student and a member of the Academy for Visual and Performing Arts on the Visual Arts Strand with a focus on Pottery & Fine Arts I am both a Varsity Cheerleader and an All-Star Cheerleader with Xtreme Cheer Altitude (formerly Xtreme Cheer AlStars VT). In the Summer of 2023, I participated in the Govemors Institute for Global Issues & Youth Action where I learned to hamess my advocacy skills to leverage change. I am honored to represent Chittenden County. As Miss Vermont Teen USA, I plan to use my platform to advocate for youth who are experiencing poverty, food insecurity, and homelessness in Vermont and across the United States.

State pageant photos

The on-stage moments, the tension of the final two and the glory of the crowning, here are Josslyn’s state pageant photos.

Professional photos

Lights, camera, action!  Professional photoshoots are one of the perks that comes from winning a title.

Candid & Appearance photos

From events straight after her crowning to her final appearances before she passes on her crown, here’s a look at all the appearances Josslyn has made during her reign, as well as other candid photos during her year.

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