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Miss USA and Miss Teen USA 2023 in Reno

Day 2 – Lake Tahoe & Country Line Dancing

Day 2 of Miss USA and Miss Teen USA 2023 took the contestants out of the hotel... the Miss contestants headed to Lake Tahoe while the Teens got a country line dancing experience in Sparks.

Miss USA 2023 contestants at Lake Tahoe

Miss Teen USA 2023 contestants try Line Dancing

Miss Utah Teen USA 2023 <a href="">Jocelyn Osmond</a>, Miss Alaska Teen USA 2023 <a href="">Star Hunter</a>, Miss Arizona Teen USA 2023 <a href="">Peyton Stuewe</a> and Miss Texas Teen USA 2023 <a href="">Haylee Puckett</a> at the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA welcome party and sashing ceremony at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada.
Arrivals feature image
Reno Day 2 Hero

Day 2 at Miss USA

Miss USA and Miss Teen USA 2023 contestants had an exciting second day with different activities planned for the two groups. The Miss USA 2023 contestants got a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Tahoe, travelling down to Sand Harbor Beach for filming.  The Miss Teen USA 2023 contestants took a break from rehearsals to learn country line dancing at Pure Country Canteen in Sparks. It was great to see the contestants enjoying activities outside the hotel – something we didn’t see last year. And while the Miss contestants wore official Miss USA T-shirts for the Lake Tahoe visit and filming, it’s unlikely that’s what they’ll be stuck in all week – another great change from 2022.