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Miss Wisconsin USA and Miss Wisconsin Teen USA results

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Did you know that the Miss USA state pageants used to be styled “Miss State Universe” until the end of the 1970s? And that the sashes didn’t add “Miss” until the mid 1980s? The state results pages have been an integral part of Pageant Update right from the beginning. I’ve now extended it, to bring you results back as far as the 1970s where available! This section includes lists of winners, runners-up, semi-finalists and award winners and a cache of historical pageant photos.

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Miss Wisconsin USA and Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2023

MISS WI USA ’23: Alexis Loomans (WI TUSA 18)
1RU: Miranda Fenzau (4RU IL USA 22, SF 21, SF 20, IL TUSA 14, 1RU 13, 1RU 12, NF 11)
2RU: Jade Flury (SF 22)
3RU: Jessica Hammer
4RU: Jamie Walloch (2RU 22, 1RU 21, SF 20, SF GA TUSA 15, 3RU 14)

Gabby Aranda-Pino
Alefiyah Dawoodbhai (SF 22, SF 21, SF 20)
Olivia Horvath
Kasshay Jones
Emma Loney (NF IL USA 21, NF 20)
Autumn Mays (SF 22, 1RU WI TUSA 21)
Marleigh Petras (SF 21, SF 20)
Haley Schonter (3RU 22)

Congeniality: Foley Van Lieshout
Photogenic: Miranda Fenzau

MISS WI TEEN USA ’23: Shelby Hohneke (1RU 22, 4RU 21, 1RU 20)
1RU: Emmaline Stegeman
2RU: E’mera Harris
3RU: Izel Smyth
4RU: Olivia Negri (SF 22)

Briana Flores
Isabella Gray
Autumn Gunderson (SF 22)
Taylor Kolasinski
Taliyah Ukwuorji (4RU 22)
Maci Williams

Congeniality: Izel Smyth
Photogenic: Taylor Kolasinski

Miss Wisconsin USA and Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2022