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Miss Louisiana USA and Miss Louisiana Teen USA results

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Miss Louisiana USA results are available from the 1970s to the 2023 crownings of Sylvia Masters and Averi Blyss Crawford. Louisiana has always been one of the hardest states to win as a first-time contestant, as they have only crowned one winner with no previous USA-system experience since the 1997s – and she was a former Miss America state titleholder! While the focus is on contestants who have tried before, being a past runner-up is no guarantee of success in Louisiana either, as many have made the top five year after year but never quite managed to win. Devin Boyd, Whitney Moss, Lauren Whittle, Anna Kirksey and Madeline Langlinais are a few who made the top five multiple years but missed out on a ticket to Miss USA. The Teen division also rewards experience, but strangely the most common previous placement among winners is a top ten finish – with all winners between 2010-2014 as well as Hailey Crausby in 2017 and Ainsley Ross in 2022 having previously made the top 10.  This streak continued with Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2023 Averi Blyss Crawford, who was top 10 in 2022.

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Miss Louisiana USA and Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2023

MISS LA USA ‘23: Sylvia Masters (2RU 22, 3RU 21, T10 20, T16 19, T15 18)
1RU: Josie Stephens (1RU 22, 1RU 21, 2RU 20, T10 19, T10 18, NF 15, T10 LA TUSA 12) [later Miss NV USA 2023]
2RU: Lexie Martin (2RU LA TUSA 21)
3RU: Trinitee Johnson
4RU: Ella Clark (T16 22, T10 LA TUSA 21, 3RU 20, NF 19)

Top 10:
Abby Cramond (T10 22, 1RU LA TUSA 20, NF 19)
Hannah Fontenot (T10 22, T10 21)
Alyssa Landry
Taylor Sims
Catherine Wooton

Top 16:
Jasmine Skye (Marani) Baehr (3RU DC USA 21)
Jillian Elliott (T10 LA TUSA 19, T15 18)
Bri Hunter
Regan Martin (T10 22)
Jade Thomas (T16 22)
Taylor Witmeyer (T10 LA TUSA 22)

Congeniality: Laura Russinsky
Photogenic: Katie Marie Matherne

MISS LA TEEN USA ’23: Averi Blyss Crawford (T10 22)
1RU: Julia Badinger (T16 22)
2RU: Condoleezza Semien
3RU: Madelyn Morgan (4RU 22)
4RU: Addison Petry (NF 22)

Top 10:
Tara Hays
Allison Levesque
Layla Massey
Sophia Nawaz (Miss LA’s OT 21)
Rachel Pizzolato (2RU 22, 1RU 21)

Top 16:
Phoenix Bhramayana
Evangeline Cuccia
Ava Harrod
Marissa Peacock
Raegan Rose
Ava Watson

Congeniality: Averi Blyss Crawford
Photogenic: Molly Gallaspy

Miss Louisiana USA and Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2022

MISS LA USA ‘22: Katie KT Scannell (2RU MS USA 21, 2RU LA TUSA 18, 2RU 17, 1RU 16, 1RU 15)
1RU: Josie Stephens (1RU 21, 2RU 20, T10 19, T10 18, NF 15, T10 LA TUSA 12) [later Miss NV USA 2023]
2RU: Sylvia Masters (3RU 21, T10 20, T16 19, T15 18) [later Miss LA USA 2023]
3RU: Jordyn McKey (2RU 21, 1RU 20, T10 19) [later Miss NC USA 2023]
4RU: Emily Randon (T10 21, 4RU 20)

Top 10:
Halle Bourdonnay (T10 21, T10 LA TUSA 20)
Abby Cramond (1RU LA TUSA 20, NF 19)
Hannah Fontenot (T10 21)
Regan Martin
Ivy Robichaux

Top 16:
Jordan Boshea
Ella Clark (T10 LA TUSA 21, 3RU i20, NF 19)
Katie Matherne (NF LA TUSA 20)
Lauren Thirstrup (T16 21)
Jade Thomas
Ali Williams (T16 20, T10 19, T10 17, T15 16, T15 LA TUSA 15)

Congeniality: Miya Colbert
Photogenic: Tajá White

MISS LA TEEN USA ‘22 Ainsley Ross (T10 20)
1RU: Kristen Savoie
2RU: Rachel Pizzolato (1RU 21)
3RU: Nikhia Sims (T16 21)
4RU: Madelyn Morgan

Top 10:
Layna Baker (T10 21, T10 20, T16 19, T15 18)
Averi Blyss Crawford
Kylie Morgan (NF 21, 2RU 20, 4RU 19)
Caroline Smith (T16 21)
Caroline Wagner (NF 20)

Top 16:
Julia Badinger
Sophie Cramond (3RU 21, T10 20)
Hailey Enamorado (T10 21)
Molly Gallaspy (T16 21)
Amelia Strahan
Taylor Witmeyer

Congeniality: Molly Gallaspy
Photogenic: Kylie Morgan

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