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Miss Alaska USA and Teen USA Titleholder History

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Take a trip back into the history of the Miss Alaska USA and Teen USA pageants, from the first winner to the most recent. Get to know every single Miss and Teen titleholder with a full listing, hometown map and extensive photo archive, with state pageant photos, Miss USA and Teen USA competition photos and more.

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Miss Alaska USA titleholders 1952-2022

Recent titleholders

Miss Alaska USA icon-2019
JoEllen Walters

25 • Eagle River


Miss Alaska USA icon-2020
Hannah Carlile

24 • Fairbanks


Miss Alaska USA icon-2021
Madison Edwards

25 • Anchorage


Miss Alaska USA icon-2022
Courtney Schuman

28 • Anchorage


Alaska USA 2023 icon
Jordan Naylor

25 • Anchorage



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Miss Alaska Teen USA titleholders 1983-2022

Recent Titleholders

Miss AK Teen USA icon-2019
Meghan Scott

17 • Eagle River

Miss AK Teen USA icon-2020
Jadyn Fraser

19 • ​Fairbanks

Miss AK Teen USA icon-2021
Ellie Smith

19 • Anchorage

Miss AK Teen USA icon-2022
Madison Hines

17 • Eagle River

Alaska Teen USA 2023 icon
Star Hunter

15 • Anchorage

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