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Miss Alaska USA titleholders 1952-2022

Recent titleholders

Miss Alaska USA icon-2018
Brooke Johnson

25 • Anchorage

Miss Alaska USA icon-2019
JoEllen Walters

25 • Eagle River

Miss Alaska USA icon-2020
Hannah Carlile

24 • Fairbanks

Miss Alaska USA icon-2021
Madison Edwards

25 • Anchorage

Miss Alaska USA icon-2022
Courtney Schuman

28 • Anchorage

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Miss Alaska Teen USA titleholders 1983-2022

Recent Titleholders

Miss AK Teen USA icon-2019
Meghan Scott

17 • Eagle River

Miss AK Teen USA icon-2020
Jadyn Fraser

19 • ​Fairbanks

Miss AK Teen USA icon-2021
Ellie Smith

19 • Anchorage

Miss AK Teen USA icon-2022
Madison Hines

17 • Eagle River

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