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Victoria Salas is Miss Wyoming Teen USA 2023


2nd runner-up 2022

Victoria Salas was crowned Miss Wyoming Teen USA on 13 May 2023 and will represent Wyoming at the Miss Teen USA 2023 pageant. A native of the small town of Evanston, in south-west Wyoming near the Utah border, Victoria enjoys empowering women and making them feel beautiful.  She loves going out on hikes, fishing, and many other outdoor activities.

Michael Solberg

2023 bio:

As a resident of a small town, Victoria Salas never imagined that she would have the opportunity to represent her state on a national stage, but all of that changed when she was crowned Miss Wyoming Teen USA on May 13, 2023. She took a leap of faith and proved to herself she was capable of earning the title. Not only did she get the title, but she also gained a lot of confidence in herself.

Victoria Salas has always been a girl with dreams. Coming from a family that put their life on the line to live the “American dream,” Victoria can now say she has completed that dream. Victoria Salas has always been a go-getter; when she puts her mind to something, she completes it. She has been helping non-English-speaking students for 4 years. She goes to her local elementary school and helps these students in math and English so they can excel.

Victoria’s biggest passion is anything that has to do with beauty. She wants to become an esthetician and own her own business in the near future. She enjoys empowering women and making them feel beautiful. Victoria also enjoys fitness because it makes her feel mentally and physically good about herself. Not only does she like working out in the gym, but she also loves being outdoors in nature. She loves going out on hikes, fishing, and many other outdoor activities.

As Victoria’s journey begins as Miss Wyoming Teen USA, she wants to show support and love to her state and accomplish many goals. Victoria Salas is ready for the future that awaits her.

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