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Samantha Catherine Keaton was Miss Wisconsin USA 2021


1st runner-up Miss Texas Teen USA 2020, Non-finalist 2019, Non-finalist 2018, ​Semi-finalist 2017

A Texan living in Milwaukee, Samantha Keaton was crowned Miss Wisconsin USA on 23 May 2021 and represented Wisconsin at the Miss USA 2021 pageant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Samantha, who had moved to Wisconsin to pursue a pre-med degree, was one of four Miss USA 2021 state titleholders who had previously competed at Miss Texas Teen USA 2017.

Grant Foto
Grant Foto

2021 bio:

While proudly representing her great state, Samantha is a full time biology major with a focus in Pre-Med. With a graduation date of Spring 2022 vastly approaching, Samantha spends her days studying her medical entrance exam and preparing for medical school applications. With a lifelong dream of attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison Medical Program where she will study to become a Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon. Samantha has dreams of owning her own medical practice where she will spend her days helping individuals who were born with or suffered any type of accident that has caused a deformity.

When her nose is not in a book, you can find Samantha sitting as the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of her organization, Glam By Sam. Through Glam By Sam, Samantha encourages and promotes the importance of self love and her motto “Find your GLAMOUR within”. Passionate about helping others become the best possible version of themselves, Samantha runs her own blog and is the host of her own talk show segment, “Feature Friday”.

With a goal to combine two of her passions, Samantha recently launched Glam By Sam Kosmetics where she continues to spread the importance of self love while selling products that make her customers feel beautiful and confident both inside and out.

As Miss Wisconsin USA, Samantha will continue to instill in young women everywhere the importance of true self acceptance and self love.

​Samantha is originally from the west Texan border city of Del Rio and held the Miss Val Verde, Miss Del Rio and Miss Austin Texas Teen titles.

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