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JaeLynn Polanco was Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2020



Semi-finalist at Miss Teen USA 2020

A native of Bergenfield, JaeLynn Polanco was crowned Miss New Jersey Teen USA on 24 November 2019 and represented New Jersey at the Miss Teen USA 2020 pageant in Memphis, Tennessee. JaeLynn is a proud member of the “Rise Program”, an organization that supports anti-bullying campaigns by spreading kindness, respect, and acceptance. She later won the Teen Miss Earth USA title.

2020 bio:

Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2020 JaeLynn Polanco, 16, from Bergenfield New Jersey is a sophomore, attending Bergenfield High school.

Jaelynn entered the 2020 Miss New Jersey Teen USA pageant once she turned 15. It was her love for pageantry which encouraged her to compete for her dream title, Miss Teen USA. Being Miss New Jersey Teen USA was a dream of JaeLynn’s ever since she was a little girl. On her very first try, this past November she was able accomplish her dream. JaeLynn is a proud member of the “Rise Program”, an organization that supports anti- bullying campaigns by spreading kindness, respect, and acceptance.

After graduating High School, Jaelynn plans to major in Biochemistry, attend medical school and specialize in Neurology. She will love to attend NYU, to pursue her life ambition of being a Neurologist. As she is fascinated with disorders and conditions that affect the brain, spinal cord and nervous system. She would also want to do research to find cures for certain diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.Jaelynn enjoys reading inspirational books and novels. She also likes journaling, which allows her to express her emotions and disconnect from the real world. Lastly, she stays fit by playing basketball.

JaeLynn is involved in the Lu Harrison Challenger Foundation for Autism, the American Cancer Society, the Red Cross and the Betty Homeless Foundation in honor of her aunt. She is very passionate about bringing visibility and awareness to the struggle of children and adolescents with Autism.​As Miss New Jersey Teen USA, she wants to inspire, encourage, and motivate her generation to aim high, reach for their dreams and accomplish any goal they set for themselves. There is no obstacle that cannot be surpassed. In addition, during her reign she wants to continue to advocate and bring visibility to social causes and organizations that she is passionate about and continue to make a significant impact in the lives of others.

Miss Teen USA pageant photos

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Farewell photos

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