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Megan Swanson was Miss Nebraska USA 2020


Miss Nebraska 2014

A native of Omaha, Megan was crowned Miss Nebraska USA on 12 January 2020 and represented Nebraska at the Miss USA 2020 pageant in Memphis, Tennessee. A former Miss Nebraska (America) herself, Megan shared her reign with her sister Allie, Miss Nebraska 2019-20.

2020 bio:

A 26 year old from Omaha, Nebraska, Megan Swanson is a proud graduate from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Commercial Voice with a minor in Music Business in 2016. Shortly after graduating, Megan moved back to Nebraska and founded her company, The Powerhouse Project, where she now serves as CEO, hiring her first employee in 2019.

The Powerhouse Project aims to equip women globally in the discovery of their identity, the navigation of their purpose, and the path of how to walk out their destiny. Through teaching the practices of a positive self-image, powerful communication skills, as well as sales and business training, Megan, most often known as “Coach Megan,” is sparking the Powerhouse within women all over the world.

Today, Megan enjoys life as both a CEO and a singer/songwriter, with clients in 29 states and a single with over 100,000 spins on Spotify alone. Her greatest passion in life is equipping women for mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial success, overflowing from her own personal struggles and triumphs. She firmly believes that every individual has a winner within themselves; it just takes the right mentors in their lives to have it unlocked.

Growing up in a musical family, Megan enjoys sharing life’s stories through her singing, songwriting, and has performed for crowds of 5,000+ people, including being selected as one of four students for the Belmont Christian Music Showcase while in college. She regularly visits Nashville to write with some of the industry’s best writers and artists, and looks forward to putting out a full album in 2021.

As a 6’ tall woman (flat footed!), Megan is a champion for women owning the uniqueness they were born with, and regularly encourages women to embrace what makes them stand out. Through overcoming an eating disorder, a toxic relationship, and severe bullying growing up, Megan is proud to not only have won the battle against her own struggles, but uses those victory strategies to help tens of thousands of women find healing, and slay their own giants.

As Miss Nebraska USA 2020, Megan is so excited to advocate for the 1.5 Million incredible women in Nebraska from all across the state, and hopes to truly empower, activate, and encourage ever person of whom she comes in contact. “Life is too short to be boring, negative, or lazy!”, she always says. It’s time to make a difference and BE a role model, not just talk about being one.

As a real-life big sister to Miss Nebraska 2019 (MAO) Allie Swanson, winning Miss Nebraska USA 2020 is extra special as she gets to share 6 months of her reign as a sister queen to her real life sister. Megan is also looking forward to serving alongside Audrey Eckert, her lovely Miss Nebraska Teen USA, who she adores.

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