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Savena Mushinge was Miss Maryland USA 2023



Top 20 at Miss USA 2023

Germantown resident Savena Mushinge was crowned Miss Maryland USA on 2 April 2022 and represented Maryland in the Miss USA 2023 pageant where she made the top 20.  As a first generation Zambian American, Savena was the first state titleholder of Zambian descent vying to be Miss USA. She is an avid philanthropist and has been named a U.S. Zambia Good-Will Tourism Ambassador.

2023 bio:

Savena Mushinge was crowned Miss Maryland USA 2023 on April 2nd among over 100 contestants from across the state. As a first generation Zambian American, Savena is the first state titleholder of Zambian descent vying to be Miss USA. During her reign, she will advocate for children suffering from critical illnesses and families in disadvantaged communities.

Growing up on two different continents, with two very unique cultures, Savena struggled with bullying and depression before she was able to find her voice. She no longer allows labels to limit her from entering spaces or from realizing her dream to inspire and speak for the voiceless.

As a student at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, Savena was the first female president of the Real Estate Club. She hosted and spoke at events, significantly grew club engagement with students, and inspired more women to enter the male-dominated industry. She used this as an opportunity to build her confidence and public speaking capabilities. Upon graduation, she landed her first job as a Brokerage Coordinator at JLL, serving Fortune 500 companies such as Bank of America, Truist, and USAA. Savena is currently a Commercial Real Estate Broker at JLL in Washington, DC.

Savena volunteers at the local food bank serving the men’s and women’s homeless shelter by providing kits of love. She is also an Ambassador for Icing Smiles helping provide custom celebration cakes and other treats to families impacted by the critical illness of a child. She understands that simple things, like a birthday cake, are luxuries to a family battling illness. Through volunteer bakers, the goal is to create a custom cake for the ill child, or their sibling, that provides a temporary escape from worry and creates a positive memory during a difficult time. She hopes to use her title to share love and kindness with children and inspire them to fight for their place in this world.

Savena’s parents instilled the importance of providing help and resources to those in need. This inspired her to co-found a non-profit organization, Daughters’ Pride Foundation, which focuses on educating young girls in Africa. The foundation fights poverty from its roots by educating the children and empowering the women in disadvantaged communities. An uneducated young woman living in poverty is more likely to be a victim of child sexual abuse, forced into early marriage, and more likely to contract HIV/AIDS with almost zero chance of escaping the long chain of poverty.

Her foundation has had the privilege to visit several girls and women living in rural and very remote areas. They continue to empower them through providing education materials, sanitary supplies, computer labs, and basic living necessities. Most importantly, they have donated life-saving equipment to labor wards.

Savena is a travel enthusiast. She has visited over 15 countries including Paris, Poland, and the Dominican Republic. She enjoys hiking, water-sports, and trying new cuisines/restaurants. Savena believes all women are superheroes and can change the world through action, service and a heart for others. As Miss Maryland USA 2023, she plans to use her voice to not only lift others up but remind children and women to harness their abilities to positively change the world. She believes empowering a woman is empowering a nation.

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