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VeronicaIris Bates was Miss Maine USA 2021


3rd runner-up Miss Maine Teen USA 2018

A native of Biddeford living in Portland during her reign, VeronicaIris Bates was crowned Miss Maine USA on 20 June 2021 and represented Maine at the Miss USA 2021 pageant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has served as a Security Forces Member in the US Air Force.

2021 bio:

Your life is made up choices and those choices make you who you are today. Two days before the 2021 Miss Maine USA competition VeronicaIris was rushed into surgery for an emergency appendectomy. By the grace of God, her amazing team of doctors, and the love and support of her family and friends she was able to compete and felt as strong and as confidently beautiful as ever. She is the perfect reminder that your current situation does not define your outcome.

​VeronicaIris Bates was born in Biddeford, Maine but currently resides in Portland, Maine.  After graduating from Portland High School she joined the United States Air Force where she served as a Security Forces Member. Security Forces Members go through extensive training in law enforcement and combat tactics to protect bases both stateside and overseas. During her time in service she was stationed in South Korea and Florida. She took advantage of her time in South Korea by volunteering in the Korean School system where she taught the children how to speak English and in return they taught her how to speak Korean. Her favorite part of being in the military was meeting new people and creating memories that she will cherish for the rest of her life.

VeronicaIris currently attends American Military University. She will obtain a degree in Health Science and Criminal Justice, but hopes to further her studies in Psychology as well. She continues to stress the importance of not only being physically healthy, but mentally healthy too. During her year as Miss Maine VeronicaIris will continue to use her voice and advocate for her fellow Veterans that suffer from PTSD.

Being one of six children, family plays a huge role in her life. With three older brothers, two younger sisters and a younger brother there’s never a dull moment in her household.

In her free time, you can often find her at the gym, going to the beach, or traveling throughout the United States. VeronicaIris enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, photography, baking and going on hikes with her French Bulldog, Winston!  VeronicaIris cant wait to volunteer and give back to her community during her reign and can’t wait to start creating new memories!

Miss USA pageant photos

Competing in the Miss USA pageant is once-in-a-lifetime event few get to experience. Here are VeronicaIris’ official Miss USA photos.

State pageant photos

The on-stage moments, the tension of the final two and the glory of the crowning, here are VeronicaIris’ state pageant photos.

Professional photos

Lights, camera, action!  Professional photoshoots are one of the perks that comes from winning a title.

Candid & Appearance photos

From events straight after her crowning to her final appearances before she passed on her crown, here’s a look at all the appearances VeronicaIris made during her reign, as well as other candid photos during her year.

Previous pageant photos

VeronicaIris had competed once before, finishing third runner-up to Erin McPherson at Miss Maine Teen USA 2018.

Farewell photos

All beautiful things must come to an end, no matter how bittersweet. See VeronicaIris’ farewell walk and other candids from the weekend she crowned her successor Elizabeth Kervin as Miss Maine USA 2022.

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