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Sasha Perea was Miss District of Columbia USA 2021

Washington DC

4th runner-up 2020, Semi-finalist 2019, Non-finalist Miss Virginia USA 2014

A native of Washington DC, Sasha Perea was crowned Miss District of Columbia USA on 17 July 2021 and represented District of Columbia at the Miss USA 2021 pageant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sasha is a co-founder of Foobee, the world’s first dating and social meetup integrated crypto ecosystem.

2021 bio:

I always live my life with integrity and personal responsibility. Principles instilled in me by my family… Inspired by the example of my grandmother who immigrated from Colombia, South America 50 years ago.
I’m blessed to be a multi-talented business woman with a background in media, TV hosting, and fashion modeling. In 2019, I self published my first book: Model Mindset: A Beginner’s Guide to the Modeling Industry. I was inspired to write it after having several people contact me to learn more about how they can begin their modeling career. After realizing there wasn’t a step-by-step guide, I created Model Mindset to help aspiring models navigate the modeling industry.I’m a graduate of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in Media and Technological Productions.I’m currently a Co-Founder of Foobee®, a global first-to-market application that merges the dating, crypto, and e-commerce industries. When launched, it will be the world’s first swipe-to-earn social dating app. Foobee is being built with new and casual crypto users in mind, with a goal to make cryptocurrency both easy and fun to get into. The Foobee mission is to build a community-led ecosystem where users get rewarded for engagement and participation in the socially-driven Foobie ecosystem.As a first-generation Colombian-American, I’m fluent and bilingual in both Spanish and English and I’ve utilized this skill and cultural awareness to make a greater impact in reaching diverse audiences.My passion is to inspire courage in the people of the District of Columbia and those around the world to pursue leadership roles and, more importantly, create their own opportunities.

Miss USA pageant photos

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State pageant photos

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Professional photos

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Candid & Appearance photos

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After the crown

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