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Arianna Lemus is Miss Colorado USA 2023

July 2023 to May 2024


1st runner-up 2022, Non-finalist Miss Nevada USA 2020, Semi-finalist Miss California USA 2019, Semi-finalist 2018, Non-finalist 2017

Arianna Lemus was crowned Miss Colorado USA on 16 July 2023 and represented Colorado at Miss USA 2023 in Reno, Nevada.  A born-and-raised Angeleno, Arianna has also lived in Nevada and now claims joint residency between Colorado and California. She is the owner of MíraLA, a film production company founded in 2023 and created her own film festival to showcase films by women of color. Arianna resigned in May 2024 in support of Noelia Voigt and UmaSofia Srivastava

Georgina Vaughan
Georgina Vaughan

2023 bio:

Miss Colorado USA 2023 Arianna Lemus  is a model, actress, writer, and producer.  She is the owner of MíraLA, a production company founded in 2023. Arianna’s short film Red Flags is about a young girl who experiences her first betrayal because she chose to ignore the red flags. She premiered the short film at her film festival, MíraLA Semi-finalistF, a film festival dedicated to showcasing films by women of color.
​Arianna is also a student at Capella University studying Pre-Counseling. She hopes to be graduated with her BS at the end of the year!  Upon graduation she plans to mentor teens and empower them through a teen program she developed, AJL Mentorship.Learn more about Arianna from these interviews and her website:


Miss USA pageant photos

Competing in the Miss USA pageant is once-in-a-lifetime event few get to experience. Here are Arianna’s official Miss USA photos.

State pageant photos

The on-stage moments, the tension of the final two and the glory of the crowning, here are Arianna’s state pageant photos.

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Lights, camera, action!  Professional photoshoots are one of the perks that comes from winning a title.

Candid & Appearance photos

From events straight after her crowning to her final appearances before she passes on her crown, here’s a look at all the appearances Arianna has made during her reign, as well as other candid photos during her year.

Previous pageant photos

There’s nothing better than watching a contestant progress from year to year! Here’s a look back at Arianna’s previous pageant photos in California and Colorado.

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