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Miss USA and Miss Teen USA 2023 in Reno

See the 102 impressive state titleholders compete in the Miss USA 2023 and Miss Teen USA 2023 pageant at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada during the last week of September. Follow the contestants from their arrival in Reno, to the events throughout the week, their beautiful gowns, swimsuits and interview outfits. Pageant Update is the best place to celebrate the crowning of the next Miss USA and Miss Teen USA.

state costume hero image
Miss USA & Teen USA 2023 State Costumes
The Miss USA and Miss Teen USA 2023 state costume competitions were held together this year! Miss Hawaii USA Savannah Gankiewicz won the Miss USA Best Costume award and Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2023 UmaSofia...
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Interview feature image
Miss USA and Teen USA 2023 Interview Photos
Check out the interview looks for (almost all) the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA 2023 contestants from Reno. Which colours and styles are your favourites?​
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Rehearsals feature image
All the rehearsal 'fits and fashion from the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA contestants at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada.
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PJ party feature image
Pajama Party
Does anything shout "Pageant" more than a PJ party and Miss Congeniality? At the end of day two in Reno, the Miss and Teen contestants reunited for a good old fashioned movie night.
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2023 Headshots
The Miss USA and Miss Teen USA 2023 headshots were submitted by the contestants and feature photographers such as Carlos Velez, Grant Foto, Georgina Vaughan, Brittany Link, Austin Ryde and more.
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Reno Day 2 Hero
Miss USA 2023 Day Two
Day 2 of Miss USA and Miss Teen USA 2023 took the contestants out of the hotel... the Miss contestants headed to Lake Tahoe while the Teens got a country line dancing experience in Sparks. ​
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Miss Utah Teen USA 2023 <a href="http://www.pageantupdate.info/profiles/miss-utah-teen-usa-2023">Jocelyn Osmond</a>, Miss Alaska Teen USA 2023 <a href="http://www.pageantupdate.info/profiles/miss-alaska-teen-usa-2023">Star Hunter</a>, Miss Arizona Teen USA 2023 <a href="http://www.pageantupdate.info/profiles/miss-arizona-teen-usa-2023">Peyton Stuewe</a> and Miss Texas Teen USA 2023 <a href="http://www.pageantupdate.info/profiles/miss-texas-teen-usa-2023">Haylee Puckett</a> at the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA welcome party and sashing ceremony at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada.
Miss USA 2023 Welcome Party
No white t-shirts for the welcome party this year! The contestants were welcomed in style with an official sashing ceremony.
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Arrivals feature image
Miss USA 2023 Arrivals and Check-in
The pageant is getting started! Check out the Miss USA and Teen USA titleholders as they arrive in Reno and check in at the Grand Sierra Resort.
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