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Miss USA 2023 State Pageant Coverage

State Pageant Results

The main results section is organised by state, but this page is all about the Miss USA 2023 State Pageant Results. Where possible, the runners-up, semi-finalists and award winners of each state pageant will be listed. Check back regularly for updates throughout the state pageant season.

2023 State Pageant Coverage


W: Sophie Burzynski (NF KY USA 21, SF KY TUSA 20, SF 19)
1RU: Noelia Voigt (1RU 21, 1RU FL TUSA 18, 4RU 17)
2RU: Diane Westhoven
3RU: Margaret Anne McNeill (T10 AL USA 22, SF MS USA 21, T10 AL USA 21, T10 AL TUSA 20, NF 19)
4RU: Randee Hinson-McCrary

Top 10:
Kaylan Colvin (SF TN USA 22, SF 21, T16 AL USA 19)
Carli Kim Guin
MacKenzie Marable (T10 22, T10 21)
Ashleigh Rye (T10 22)
Allyssa Weyant (SF MS USA 21, SF 20, SF 19, NF MS TUSA 17, NF 14)

Top 16:
Jasmyn Cornell
Greer Gilbraith
Samantha Huver (4RU 22, T16 21, T10 20)
Melody Mills
Ava Register
Valerie-Taiylor Williams (T16 22)

Congeniality: Samantha Huver
Photogenic: Kaylan Colvin