The Miss USA 1997 pageant was held in Shreveport, Louisiana on February 5, 1997.
Photos available are: State Headshots.

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All photos Miss Universe L.P., LLLP.

Miss Alabama USA

Autumn Smith
22 - Chelsea
Miss Alaska USA USA

Rea Bavilla
23 - Bristol Bay
Miss Arizona USA

Jessica Shahriari
23 - Gilbert
Miss Arkansas USA

Tamara Henry
25 - Little Rock
Miss California USA

Alisa Kimble
27 - Lake Elsinore
Miss Colorado USA

Damien Munoz
23 - Westminster
Miss Connecticut USA

Christine Pavone
23 - Shelton
Miss Delaware USA

Patricia Gauani
24 - Dover

Napiera Groves
21 - Washington D.C.
Miss Florida USA

Angelia Savage
25 - Jacksonville
Miss Georgia USA

Denesha Reid
22 - McDonough
Miss Hawaii USA

Brook Lee
26 - Pearl City
Miss Idaho USA

Brandi Sherwood
26 - Idaho City
Miss Illinois USA

Jennifer Salinas
21 - Chicago
Miss Indiana USA

Tricia Nosko
25 - Evansville
Miss Iowa USA

Shawn Brogan
26 - New Hampton
Miss Kansas USA

Kathryn Taylor
25 - Overland Park
Miss Kentucky USA

Rachyl Hoskins
22 - Liberty
Miss Louisiana USA

Nikole Viola
24 - Walker
Miss Maine USA

Stephanie Worcester
20 - Winthrop
Miss Maryland USA

Ann Coale
23 - Baltimore
Miss Massachusetts USA

Jennifer Chapman
24 - Maynard
Miss Michigan USA

Jennifer Reed
25 - Taylor
Miss Minnesota USA

Melissa Hall
24 - Minneapolis
Miss Mississippi USA

Arleen McDonald
21 - Tupelo
Miss Missouri USA

Amanda Jahn
25 - St Joseph
Miss Montana USA

Christin Didier
24 - Lewistown
Miss Nebraska USA

Kim Weir
21 - Lincoln
Miss Nevada USA

Ninya Perna
23 - Green Valley
Miss New Hampshire USA

Gretchen Durgin
21 - Lancaster
Miss New Jersey USA

Jennifer Makris
23 - Cranbury
Miss New Mexico USA

Taunya Harris
25 - Tatum
Miss New York USA

Ramona Reuter
26 - Rochester
Miss North Carolina USA

Crystal McLaurin-Coney
25 - Durham
Miss North Dakota USA

Lauri Gapp
23 - Fargo
Miss Ohio USA

Michelle Mouser
23 - Columbus
Miss Oklahoma USA

Trisha Stillwell
21 - Edmond
Miss Oregon USA

Heather Williams
25 - Gold Beach
Miss Pennsylvania USA

Cara Bernosky
25 - Whitehall
Miss Rhode Island USA

Claudia Jordan
23 - East Providence
Miss South Carolina USA

Casey Mizell
24 - Irmo
Miss South Dakota USA

Jamie Swenson
25 - Sioux Falls
Miss Tennessee USA

Towanna Stone
24 - Morristown
Miss Texas USA

Amanda Little
21 - Wylie
Miss Utah USA

Temple Taggart
21 - Cedar City
Miss Vermont USA

Lisa Constantino
20 - Burlington
Miss Virginia USA

Audra Wilks
26 - Alexandria
Miss Washington USA

Sara Williams
24 - Tacoma
Miss West Virginia USA

Natalie Bevins
19 - Buckhannon
Miss Wisconsin USA

Tara Johnson
23 - Milwaukee
Miss Wyoming USA

Stacy Cenedese
25 - Cheyenne

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