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Miss USA 2013 will be held June 16 at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas!
Visit Pageant Update's Miss USA 2013 coverage to learn more about this year's 51 fabulous delegates.

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AL: Mary-Margaret McCord, AK: Lissa McKinney, AZ: Rachel Massie, AR: Hannah Billingsley, CA: Mabelynn Capeluj, CO: Amanda Wiley, CT: Erin Brady, DE: Rachel Baiocco, DC: Jessica Frith, FL: Michelle Aguirre

GA: Brittany Sharp, HI: Brianna Acosta, ID: Marissa Wickland, IL: Stacie Juris, IN: Emily Hart, IA: Richelle Orr, KS: Staci Klinginsmith, KY: Allie Leggett, LA: Kristen Girault

MD: Kasey Staniszewski, MA: Sarah Kidd, MI: Jaclyn Schultz, MN: Danielle Hooper, MS: Paromita Mitra, MO: Ellie Holtman, MT: Kacie West, NE: Ellie Lorenzen, NH: Amber Faucher

NJ: Libell Duran, NM: Katie Danzer, NY: Joanne Nosuchinsky, NC: Ashley Mills, ND: Stephanie Erickson, OH: Kristin Smith, OK: Makenzie Muse, OR: Gabby Neilan, PA: Jessica Billings, RI: Brittany Stenovitch

SC: Megan Pinckney, SD: Jessica Albers, TN: Brenna Mader, TX: Ali Nugent, UT: Marissa Powell, VT: Sarah Westbrook, VA: Shannon McAnally, WA: Cassandra Searles, WV: Chelsea Welch, WI: Chrissy Zamora, WY: Courtney Gifford

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