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Ellie Lorenzen
Omaha, Nebraska
Previous experience
1st runner-up 2012
Top 10 2011
2RU Miss NE Teen USA 2009
2RU Miss NE Teen USA 2008


Ellie is a 22 year old, born and raised in Omaha Nebraska. She is currently an honors student at Lindenwood University, studying fashion design and retail merchandising. She is the daughter of Sally and Steve Lorenzen, and sister to Jordan, Ben, and Maddie Lorenzen. Her family is her biggest support system and has encouraged her throughout her journey to the crown. This was Ellie’s third time competing for the title of Miss Nebraska USA and she was determined not to give up on her dream. On October 7, 2012 that dream finally came true when she was announced as the new Miss Nebraska USA 2013.

Ellie is very involved in different charitable organizations but is extremely passionate about the Miss Amazing Pageant, a pageant for girls and young women with physical and mental disabilities. She has worked closely with the Miss Amazing Pageant for a few years now. This pageant system provides the opportunity for girl to build confidence and important life skills through pageantry. The Miss Amazing Pageant was started in her hometown of Omaha, Nebraska and she is currently the state director for the Missouri Miss Amazing Pageant as well as the assistant director for the Iowa and Nebraska Miss Amazing pageant. Because she has an older brother who is mentally disabled, this organization is very near and dear to her heart. As Miss Nebraska, she hopes to be a spokesmodel for girls with disabilities and help spread the word of the Miss Amazing Pageant throughout the country. She is a firm believer that beauty comes from within, and every girl should have the opportunity to feel beautiful, confident, and truly amazing.

After graduation Ellie hopes to make this passion a life long career. Her ultimate goal is to have the Miss Amazing Pageant recognized nationwide and to be as well known as the Special Olympics. She feels grateful to be giving pageants a good name again, and hopes she can make a difference in the lives of girls with disabilities.

When she is not busy studying or volunteering, she enjoys travelling, drawing, shopping, and spending time with her one-of-a-kind family. She feels incredibly blessed and honored to represent the marvelous state of Nebraska at the 2013 Miss USA pageant.

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Miss Nebraska USA 2012 (1st runner-up)

Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2008 (2nd runner-up)

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