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ConnecticutINDEXDistrict of Columbia

Rachel Baiocco
Bear, Delaware
Previous experience
Top 11 2012


Rachel, 22, is a lifelong resident of Bear, Delaware along with her two triplet sisters, Angela and Kristin. She and Kristin are identical while Angela is fraternal, although they all look very similar. She also has a brother named Michael who isn't even a year older than her and her sisters. Rachel grew up in a very happy and loving home all thanks to her amazing parents, Michael & Christine. The title of Miss Delaware USA 2013 has given Rachel the opportunity to serve as a spokeswoman for the Miss Universe Organization and advocate for a number of charitable causes they work so closely with. Her goal this year is to use this title to her advantage and open opportunities to reach out to others and help people with self confidence and self-esteem.

Years of modeling have helped Rachel with her stage presence and helps make her feel right as home while she is in front of a crowd. As an aspiring Actor, Rachel loves being in front of the camera. She is currently studying her craft at Playhouse West in Philadelphia, PA. Since starting at Playhouse West last August, she has come to realize what she truly loves, Acting. It also helps to have such loving, kind hearted and amazing classmates by her side, along with her incredible teacher, Tony Savant. This school has truly been a blessing to her and has put her on the path towards her dream.

When Rachel is not busy with work, school, or modeling, you can find her shopping with her sisters, hanging out with friends, or watching baseball & hockey. At times, Rachel doesn't eat very healthy but she justifies it by the occasional trip to the gym; she believes life is too short to eat just lettuce.

(From the Miss Delaware USA website)

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Miss Delaware USA 2012 (Top 11)

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