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Jenna Edwards
25 (born July 29, 1981)
Miami, Florida
Previous experience
Miss Florida 2004 (Miss Winter Park)
Non-finalist, Miss Florida 2003 (Miss University of Miami)
Miss Oktoberfest 2000
Miss Teen All-American 1999


Having graduated from Central Hinds Academy in 1999, Jenna completed a degree Communications/Public Relations at the University of Miami in 2003. She has met Oprah twice as well as Janet Reno in support of her Miss America platform Queen For A Day, which has developed into a national non-profit organization. Her hobbies include baking, shopping at E-Bay, and surfing through the Internet.

Miss USA Photos

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State Pageant Photos

Pageant Photography by Don Seidman. Click on photos to view full-size.

Professional Photos

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Photography by Lasky.

Appearance Photos

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At the Miss Florida Seminole and Junior Miss Seminole pageants with Onawa Lacy (Miss New Mexico USA 2006) (07/30/06)

Seminole Pageant (07/30/06)

Visiting the Florida Marlins (08/08/06)

Visit with Frank Sweeney in NYC

At Malan Breton's show during NYC Fashion Week

In Denver for a QFAD local chapter's annual fundraiser

With newly crowned Annilie Hastey at the Miss Florida Teen USA 2007 pageant

With Allison Kreiger (Miss Florida 2006) at "Hollywood Boys & Girls Club Welcome the Stars"

Super Bowl Poster Party

A photo opportunity with Donald Trump at the Florida Women’s Chamber of Commerce Breakfast at Mar A Lago

With Annilie at the North Miami Winter National Thanksgiving Parade

Winterfest Boat Parade Interviews on WSVN Fox-Miami

Queen For A Day/St. Jude’s Fundraiser at Carlton’s

Previous Pageant Photos

The first two photos are from the Miss America 2004 pageant, the second is Jenna's crowning shot as Miss Florida 2004, and the third is Jenna as the winner of Miss Oktoberfest 2000. Note that Shandi Finnessey (Miss USA 2004) is in her court!
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