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Alexandra Perry
Corvallis, Oregon
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From Alexandra:
As the current Miss Oregon Teen USA, it is a great pleasure to represent the most beautiful state in the Pacific Northwest. Being an avid backpacker and outdoor enthusiast, Oregon suits my nature. I am looking forward to using my survival skills at the Miss Teen USA pageant this summer. In preparation for this major event, I am volunteering throughout the state of Oregon for a number of organizations and causes that both inspire and empower women. I addition I am working with my personal trainer to be physically and mentally fit to meet all challenges.

I am proud to say I have created a non profit charity called,"Cook for Cancer". We prepare meals for families undergoing breast cancer treatment. Because my mom is a breast cancer survivor she know first hand how much impact one meal can make on a family going through a crisis.

However, along with the pageant preparation I will keep my Family and High School Education a top priority as well as my love for cooking.

It is my hope to be the 2014 Miss Teen USA so that I will be able to fulfill goals such as expanding my charity to other states and to get national exposure for “Cook for Cancer,” as well as promoting the charities supported by the Miss Universe Organization. I truly believe it is important that young people understand the values of aiding and loving those in your community.

Alexandra has no prior Miss Oregon Teen USA experience but has held three NAM Oregon titles and one IJM Oregon title.

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