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AL: Barron Rae Williams, AK: Denali Whiting, AZ: Molly Argue, CA: Alexis Swanstrom, CO: Caley-Rae Pavillard, CT: Samantha Sojka, DE: Amanda Debus, DC: Imani Bentham, FL: Mikyle Crockett

GA: Krissy Robinson, HI: Courtney Coleman, ID: Claira Hollingsworth, IL: Paige Higgerson, IN: Jessica Buch, IA: Richelle Orr, KY: Stephanie Jones, LA: Elizabeth Heinen, ME: Alexis McIlwain

MD: Kirsten Nicholson, MA: Kay Tetreault, MI: Taylor Sherman, MN: Hannah Corbett, MS: Sarah Bobo, MO: Sydnee Stottlemyre, MT: Sibahn Doxey, NE: Madison Novak, NV: Ashley Brown, NH: Annie Read

NJ: Savannah Schechter, NM: Alexa Castle, NY: Lisa Drouillard NC: Vanessa McClelland, ND: Audra Mari, OH: Morgan Smigel, OK: Alma Sandoval, OR: Kayla Roush, PA: Madison Longstreth, RI: Lindsey Bucci

SC: Keyla Childs, SD: Lexy Schenk, TN: Kaitlin White, TX: Danielle Doty UT: Maqael Knight, VT: Bridget Martin, VA: Susie Evans, WA: Cheyenne Van Tine, WV: Susan King, WI: Victoria Johnston, WY: Ashley Golden

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