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Congratulations to this weekend's new titleholders!
  • Brooke Fletcher - Miss Georgia USA 2015
  • Sarah Weishuhn - Miss South Carolina USA 2015
  • Mary Calkins - Miss Georgia Teen USA 2015
  • Wesley Mitchell - Miss SC Teen USA 2015

    MISS USA 2015

    MISS TEEN USA 2015

    All the official Miss USA & Teen USA photos from nationals - starting at 2000 for Miss & 1996 for Teen!

    Teen to Miss Crossovers - who's competed in Miss pageants & some "where are they now?" trivia & photos.

    Results of every state pageant I have been able to find information for - going back to the 1980s for some states!

    The complete listing of Miss USA & Teen USA national pageant results since each pageant's inception, plus listings of all titleholders from each state.

    Photo gallery of appearances made by Miss USA, Teen USA & Universe each year from 2002 on.

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